Month: April 2008

Enthusiasm for The Bronx

I have enjoyed Msgr. Thomas Shelley’s book, and I have learned much from it. My enthusiasm for The Bronx comes from education at St John’s, Kingsbridge, and dad bringing me on explorations of the Bronx streetcar routes of the Third Avenue Railway System that existed about 1946. These car lines passed many a Bronx church, […]

Calvary Hospital

Page 610 has a reference to the House of Calvary (Featherbed Lane?) which became Calvary Hospital on Eastchester Road.

Missionaries of Charity

Page 610 has a reference to the 1971 arrival of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Mott Haven.

Corpus Christi Monastery

On page 610 there is a photo of the chapel of Corpus Christi Monastery on Lafayette Avenue, Hunts Point.

Organization “South Bronx Churches”

See pages 587 and 595 for a description of the activist community organization, “South Bronx Churches.” This index uses older neighborhood names as Mott Haven and Melrose. The term “South Bronx” is too often used for neighborhoods that are geographically North, Central, East, or West Bronx.