Month: April 2009

St Francis of Assisi, Baychester Ave., Wakefield

Each photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.See pages 488 and 489 for the creation in 1949 and merger in 2007 of the parish of St Francis of Assisi, at Baychester Avenue and Pitman Avenue, seven blocks inside the city line. The rectory phone number is 718-324-5340. With St. Anthony (Richardson Ave.) and St. […]

Mount St. Michael, Murdock Avenue, Wakefield

Above, the main entrance on Murdock Avenue. Please click on any photo to enlarge it.Above is the view from the intersection of Nereid Avenue and Murdock Avenue.Above, St. Michael the Archangel, guards the campus from rival teams in sports. Above, looking east across from Nereid Avenue to Pitman Avenue. That is the Brothers’ house, with […]